“A friend and me, both 20 years old girls with some experience in kayaking, made a two day Kayak trip with Calin into the danube delta. It was a really great experience and we felt really secure in this area with Calin…” Nina und Caro, Germany “I could not recommend Sulina Fabuloasa (run by Călin) enough for anyone looking to enjoy the Danube Delta by kayak, biking or camping…” Declan, Australia “Calin certainly knows this area and the wildlife very well. I spent a lovely day kayaking in Sulina. It is the perfect way to see the lesser known trails in the Delta and to get closer to the wildlife…” Roamer88, London see more here

5 thoughts on “WHY?? WHY NOT!?”

  1. Great to meet you today Calin and thanks for showing us the Spoonbills and Glossy Ibises. Hope your Grand Tour goes well and you have fantastic trip. Hope to meet you again, maybe for a Really Slow Tour of Delta on bikes and boats with lots of bird watching .
    Anna and Alistair

  2. Great experience with Calin for the SLOW WAY to go in the Danube Delta. Next Time definitely again.

  3. We visited Calin at the end of May. We had just finished cycling the length of the Danube and we wanted to explore the Danube Delta. Calin and Jeanine welcomed us at their camp HQ. They were just getting ready for the Grand Tour. They showed us round Sulina and we saw Glossy Ibis, spoonbills and more. We didn’t have time to do more. But we are planning a longer bike and kayak tour with them next year.

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